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About Us

The restaurant scene in South Africa is diverse - with fine-dining and family eateries in the suburbs, to pop up bars, niche cuisine and bespoke coffee bars lining the streets all over town.

While this is an industry that continues to grow and develop, it is also one with a myriad of challenges -  from cash flow and hygiene issues, to ensuring seamless processes and the right mix of marketing – opening and running a restaurant in South Africa is no easy feat. But you don’t need to do it alone.

Enter the team at The Ripe Pineapple

After years of travel, high-end cooking, menu creation and restaurant management across the world, Chef Joshua Simon came home and saw an opportunity to help others in the hospitality sector either get back up on their feet or start something from scratch.

Whether you are opening your first coffee shop, looking to revamp your menus or train your staff on critical hygiene processes, the team at The Ripe Pineapple is the strategic partner you need to achieve restaurant success.

Opening and running a restaurant in South Africa is no easy feat


  • Comprehensive restaurant audit

  • Tailor made menu design and planning

  • Ingredient sourcing

  • Full menu costings

  • Comprehensive training

  • Restaurant Marketing


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Tel: +27 74 520 2002


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